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PECA helps with the complete design and manufacturing of custom prototypes and IoT Solutions. We focus on connected mechanical and embedded electronics for B2B firms, B2C firms, inventors, entrepreneurs, startups and makers.

At PECA, we design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture low-to-mass volume products. Our flexible development process gives you the opportunity to develop innovative products for any industry. 


Most of our clients faced difficulties in dealing with independent parties which led to a persistent disconnection between manufacturers and design team. Poor ecosystem and barriers drive up the cost for a complete prototyping process. Therefore, PECA offers a one-stop direct ecosystem by combining both design and manufacturing without complications for low-to-mass volume.


  • Providing one-stop prototyping services for custom made and low-to-mass volume products/IoT Solutions

  • Offering fast and cost-effective prototyping services in Asia in close cooperation with the factories


  • Becoming Asia' leading prototyping services provider with flexibility in the provisioning of future technologies and solutions

who do we work with:

  • PECA partners with parties who want to focus on their business sales, and entrust their hardware and software upon us.

  • PECA also helps the smaller parties such as start-ups and makers with their projects as it is usually tough for them to engage other companies for low volume design and production.

Sounds like a match? Book a free consultation with us now.

If you’re needing a reliable custom device, on time and on target, we can certainly help you. Let’s talk!

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