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Environmental Sensor Kit

PECATRONIC Learning Program

Children nowadays need to cultivate the 21st century learning abilities to blossom in the modern era. We have developed and are constantly upgrading our programs for them to learn and adjust themselves to 21st century competencies. Besides, structured high-standard content ensures that our students are always progressing. We share the vision of educators and educational institutions when it comes to the conveyance of 21st century knowledge and skills. We are aware that the education system needs all the help and support to integrate 21st century skills in education. The ultimate objective is to equip students with 21st century competencies as they are growing up in the modern world that is fast-paced in the aspects of technology, innovation, collaboration and communication.

Technology Class

DIY Project Kits for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students

Trying to kickstart your electronics project? However, you have no idea where to start and you are concerned about failure. More often than not, success in early projects is of utmost importance to the careers of electronics engineering students. In fact, it is very common to fail in your first few projects and this has eventually caused many students to give up on electronics. Without the proper tools and guidance, students lose their determination and passion after a few disappointments. Therefore, it is recommended that learners should start with the right instruments and guidance to ensure a positive momentum. PECA is offering these learning kits with real-time coaching to anyone who is interested to learn.

The ultimate purpose of these learning kits is to give a real time step-by-step guidance to the students during project development and to assist them to strengthen their practical knowledge electronics projects implementation.

Electrical engineer working on circuit b
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